Happy Retirement to Me!

I’ve waited 30 years for this day, and it’s finally here. It feels a bit odd, but I’m quite confident that after a couple of weeks lounging in my pajama’s sipping coffee surrounded by my two loyal pups the newness will have worn off and it will just become what I do. But don’t think for a moment that lounging is all that I’m going to do. No siree, Bob. I will type words and write novels; I’ll be marketing all of my books, I’ll be learning new things and, I will make sure I get a little bit of outdoor sunshine with a walk each day. I’ll make good dinners for my man, occasionally do some housework, so we don’t have to save it all for the weekend, and I’ll get the laundry done. So even though I’m officially retired, sounds like I’ll have a full schedule.



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