Thanksgiving is often thought of as the kick off to the holidays. Most people have food and shopping on their minds- oh and the favorite flavored latte of the season. But I challenge all my readers to step outside of the transformed meaning of the holidays and step back in time to a more traditional meaning. Giving thanks, counting our blessings and giving to those who are less fortunate. I live in California and everyone knows we’ve been hit hard by some awful fires. I also know the rest of the United States has had their share of tragedies. But I’m appealing to those who are billionaires that live in California who could simply write a check and help out the folks in Paradise. I give. I do it because I want to and because it’s the right thing to do. I’m not trying to stand on any pedestal and shout down to anyone, I’m just asking for you to look a little deeper inside to what you might be able to give. So to all the actors and actresses who live in southern California, to all the billionaire technological folks, all of you who call California your home, do something. Do something for the people of Paradise. You just never know. Your generosity could be the start of something very good, and California needs that. To my fellow Californians, the rest of the United States and those serving abroad…Have a blessed day!

Happy Thanksgiving – text in vintage letterpress wood type blocks against rustic wood background with a pumpkin and dry leaves


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