Billionaire’s Dilemma

Billionaire’s Dilemma
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire's Catch

Their daughters bring them together, but they are worlds apart.

Billionaire attorney, Jared Matthews, is the single father of a young daughter. He is focused on his work and raising his daughter who is dealing with the death of her mother. He has little time or interest in dating until he meets Rachel, the mother of his daughter's best friend.

Rachel Carmichael is a single mom working two jobs and barely making ends meet, but she's determined to do whatever it takes to keep her daughter in a pricey private school. Attraction flares when Rachel meets Jared. Falling for him would be easy, but the two come from completely different worlds.

Can two matchmaking daughters help their parents see that love is the only thing that really matters?

The Billionaire's Catch 22

Elisa never gave it another thought. She trained every day to save lives.
One day she's sitting in the lifeguard tower looking out into the water thinking about what she's going to have for lunch, and before she realizes it she's running as fast as she can out into the deep water.
One minute he's floating around, kicking up waves and having a grand old time. The next minute he's going under and doesn't know if he'll ever see the light of day. Then he sees her.
Elisa and Sergio a most unlikely pair but when they're thrown together in an unlikely scenario everything changes.

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