Oregon Obsession

Oregon Obsession
Series: Romance Across State Lines, Book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Recommended Books

Maggie Regan has been through one of the most horrendous events in United States history...

Even moving as far away from the aftermath hasn’t made that day fade from her memory. Nothing will ever ease the pain of losing Richard.

Trey Simmons needs a distraction from city life in San Francisco and heads to beautiful Oregon. He paints to help cope with the tragic events that took his sweetheart from him. It helps some.

During one of his painting sessions at a small park, he meets Maggie. Her warm smile, soft-spoken words, and her hospitality pull him in, but she’s a lot older than him. He brushes it off as just a silly feeling.

Maggie can’t hide the attraction she feels when she’s around Trey. The soft, yet daring hold he has on her heart alarms her. He’s so much younger than her.

Can these two put aside the numbers and embrace their unwavering desire to be together or will the tragic events of the past keep them apart?

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