Pining For The Photographer

Pining For The Photographer

Emily King has worked hard to become the go-to photographer to the stars, but between readying her new studio and organizing an upcoming charity event, she has little time left for anything else. Well, at least her sweet corgi, Daisy, gives her all the companionship she needs. That is, until a blast from Emily's past blows right into Tinsel Town...

Stage actor Connor Stone couldn't wait to trade in the cold winters of New York City for the sunny skies of Los Angeles. And this cross-country move becomes even more of a no-brainer when he finds out his ex needs some extra hands to help prepare the charity event of the season. With his first big movie role and the one who got away both in his sights, Connor can hardly believe how close he's come to truly having it all.

But will Emily even want to make the time to get to know him again? And will she like what she sees on the other side of her camera lens? Or is their relationship best left in the archives?

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