Sweet Remembrance

Sweet Remembrance

Book four in the Lowcountry series, Charleston Harbor Novels awaits you! All the characters you’ve come to love are back... in this sweet, southern women’s fiction.

Come on in and sit a spell. Sweet tea, balmy nights, and mosquitos the size of a small dog are on the back porch waiting for you.

Jack’s new business, Powell’s Sweet Wood Design, has taken off faster than a firestorm, leaving him perplexed on how to cope with all the orders that have come in.  Maybe two family-run businesses are too much. Annie is trying to find her happy place between being a parent and a business owner. She contemplates stepping away from the Sweet Indulgence Cupcakery. It would solve one problem, but can she give up her dream?

Mary and Danny are finding their groove as a newly married couple living in the old Charleston home that once belonged to the McPhersons. But drafty windows, outdated wallpaper, and streets that sometimes flood, have Mary and Danny looking to move. How will Grandmother Lilly and Auntie Patty take their desertion of duties?

But the real test of this family comes when Jack has an accident that will forever change his life. Do the Powells and McPhersons have what it takes to pull him through?

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