Chandler County

The Missing Ingredient

The Missing Ingredient

He may have broken her heart, but Kari is a survivor.

When Kari left in a hurry, she had no clue where she was going--she just knew it had to be far away from Eddie. While hunkered down in a hotel room searching the web on her laptop, an advertisement popped up about the Kentucky Derby. Something about the area intrigued her, making Bourbonville her final destination.

Jefferson Davies is the owner of Jeff's Marketplace. He loved the low-key atmosphere of the market. It's just what he needed after a tour in Afghanistan and a broken heart.

Kari settled into her new town becoming one of Bourbonville's newest entrepreneurs featuring her exemplary culinary skills. Jeff had never been quite so bold before, but a little voice in his head told him to speak to her. He didn't know for sure, but his military training led him to believe she was running from something.

Can these two come together and mend their broken hearts while restoring their faith in love, or will it become a recipe for disaster?

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